? social responsibility_Hunan oil pump Co.,Ltd.

  • 国防建设

    Repay debt to society

    Giving back to society is the responsibility of the company. Whether for earthquakes, ice disasters, typhoons...... Such as natural disasters, or vulnerable groups to support, or to help build roads, parks and other public welfare undertakings, we are enthusiastic and active support.
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  • Benevolence


    We are enthusiastic about charity and social welfare, care for vulnerable groups. Since 2008, funded by the Hunan Institute of Engineering, Hengdong County, Ouyang Yu middle school, poor students, excellent in character and learning of senior high school students more than 1000 people.
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  • Earthquake relief

    Care for

    Our company is concerned about the sufferings of employees, and the wage income of workers has increased by nearly two times compared with that of 08 years ago. Our company has been selected as "advanced grass-roots party organizations in Hunan province" and "advanced unit of harmonious labor relations in Hunan"".
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